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What trolling fly colors work best?

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I am a relative newbie to the Lake O.  Ten years now trolling, but also make my own I sort of make some with my touch of the classic ATomik flys.  The basic theme to me are almost always varius shades of green with some glow maybe, Bill Saiff has a great video on HIS own personal choices. You can basically pick up on that and go from there.  I throw some black and purple in some of mine too.  

I think if you just search or see what everyone is using, you will get a good feel for some of the store bought and proven flys then go from there, offshoot your own, 'copy', and anythng in between.  

Hulk Fly, Mooneye, Glow/Chartreuse, Black/Chartreuse/Purple  are some of Saiffs I have seen the colors.  

Casey P. ( Dirty goose SF )  will have good videos of what he used that day too. 

UV 190 
41 Fly 
Stud Fly
Mirage fly. 
 BUt I've seen many flys with the marage color mixed in different patterns.  

SOme of the ones off top of my head. 

there are dozens and dozens.   

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It totally depends on the time of the year.  


Early, chartreuse works well, and even blues/silvers.

Then it goes to greens in mid summer.

When they staging .... reds/purples, but greens are still good ... mainly aggressive colors though to get them to bite out of anger. 

Guys even go to erratic stick baits like Lyman plugs in the late bite ... try and get that angry bite!

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A fly pattern such as the A-TOM-MIK hypnotist would be the closest to an “everyday fly”. Green, UV and glow in combo should get you started. 

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Atommiks for me in the following colors are my favorites

Green Crinkle



Green Hammer

Green Hypnotist

Net Pen


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We run A-TOM-MIK flies, so those are the colors we'll recommend below. They can be found here at FishUSA.


Big Fin & Glow Big Fin


Crinkle Green

Hammer & Glow Hammer

Pro Am & Pro Am Glow

SS Stud & Glow Stud


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