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Went 6/7 with 5 kings (small/medium), 1 coho, and 1 football brown on Saturday and 2/3 Sunday in about 75 minutes of lines in before I had to call it due to waves (all mid size kings).  60 FOW +/- 5' was where it mostly happened for me, although 1 king and the brown came from 25 FOW.  I was solo running 3 lines most of the time (but a bit of time with just my 2 deeper lines only).  Spoons got everything with Dreamweavers in GetRDone and Jordo being best.  A 6" Yakima Big Al's Fish Flash helped as well when paired with the GetRDone.  In the deeper water I had best luck 40 - 50 feet down if I had to narrow it.  Got nothing to the east of Olcott, with everything within a mile west of the creek mouth.


Tight Lines

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Thank you , had hard time finding any temps . I just learned about coastwatch last year but it’s down right now . Appreciate it .Glenn
Temps are more important over the summer, lake is pretty stable right now, unless fishing browns of course. I've caught kings down 80 ft in 38 degree to 40 ft down in 42 degree this yr and in the past. Spring Temps are there preferred Temps everywhere. Fish the marks IMO

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