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Cannon Uni-Troll HP Info Please

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Does anyone use these Riggers or have you in the past and if so, are they of decent enough quality to handle up to 15lb weights for use on salmon? I’m considering a Manual Rigger as a 3rd for my boat, mainly for spring browns and kings in shallower water but space is limited and plan to use them with a gimbal style flush mount rod holder so I can easily remove them when not needed. 
Thank you! 

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I have two of them. (for about 15 years now)  Swivel mounts & extendable booms that I don't extend as I have no need to.  I use a 14.5 Lb homemade torpedo & have my sub-T probe on it.  Never had any problems....knock on wood.  I've had it down over 100 ft.  It does give you exercise getting it back up from that depth though.  (any manual will)


Tom B.




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