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Fished from 6:15 to 10:30 in the calmest water we've fished yet.  Headed west out of creek, salmon bite was ok from 7 till 9 in 17 to 20 ft of water.  3 for 6 in this time period and every fish jumped and screamed line off so we had a good visual to see they were all salmon hits.   1 made 6 different leaps until it finally shook the spoon free on the last one in mid air.   Another we thought was tired out but then decided to scramble from the boat as we were bringing it up the chute and darted 100 feet starboard right over 2 other lines off our planers and past the planer then came back to the chute but under the other lines.  Yes, nothing better than 3 lines all twisted up and ones a leadcore.  All for good salmon fun though!

No pattern to what took hits -  6 different spoons hit - pickle seed, mixed veggie, our homemade gramma warrior, mongoose, clown and a ladderback that I don't remember the name of (in pic).   One diver hit, one 3 color leadcore, one 2 color, 2 rigger hits and 1 1/4oz weight line.  

We made a 180 and headed back east and tried everything from 25 ft in to 10ft with nice green water outside a solid brown mudline with no other bites the last hour and a half.  Saw 3 other boats net fish in that same 7 to 9 window.  






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