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First Wilson trip - phenomenal

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My brother and I decided to pull the boat out of the Genny and head west for two days. After all the amazing stories we have heard about Niagara bar, we had to give it a try. 
We stayed at the Wilson Boatyard Marina. Rented a room (which was a very nice clean room) and rented a slip directly below the balcony of the room. It was a sweet setup. 
Other than the fact that everything in Wilson is closed on Tuesdays, bars restaurants etc, it was an A plus for location. 

We hit the boat at 530am, Tuesday Morning. Headed 7 miles west, from Wilson to the Niagara bar. Lots of boat but not enough to be an issue. Everyone was spread out well. We made our way to the red buoy, outside the Niagara river, about a mile or so out I guess. Stayed in 60-80 feet. 
The rods never stopped. I mean never stopped. Between 25 - 30 knockoffs lost two fish. It was as advertised. 
It became very interesting when we had a triple on, two dipseys and rigger popped within ten seconds. When we got the first king to the boat the net went into the lake. Gone. So we picked the rest of the fish out of the lake into the boat by hand. We were purposefully trying to tire out bigger kings so they would come in exhausted. 
The biggest was 19.5 lbs. From what we heard the bigger kings were deeper, but because we didn’t join the Wilson tournament, we didn’t care. Catching 10-15 pound salmon at such a high rate was so much fun. Nailed a nice steelhead and one laker. 
If your a casual weekend fisherman like we are, and have considered making this trip I would highly recommend it. It was the best fishing trip we have ever done by far. We met some great people, however many people seemed a little tight lipped about the fishing because the tournament was in play. Which is fine. We noticed a lot of PA and Ohio plates at the launch. Overall a great experience. 

Early May is on the calendar for next year. 








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Great 👍. Took a buddy couple years ago for his second time ever. We tripled he says what are we going to do? Loosened the drag a little, who ever gets there fish in first grabs that rod. After three days he says, now I get your addiction

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Thanks for sharing!


Hope there are some fish for us next weekend after the derby!  Boat slip in Wilson and a house in olcott!!  Got family and friends lined up for 3-4 days of fishing. 

Anyone else gonna be out there from 5/19 to 5/22 message me if you want to help each other out

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