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Ontario gold part 2


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Got back at it this week to hunt the shores for gold and browns.....unfortunately no browns although we saw rising fish before dark. Saw a few nets down on other boats fishing them before dark......lake was glass calm lastnight and took us about 2 miles worth of troll till we found them.....amazing how you go from nothing to chaos in an instant. Hooked first fish and marked it on gps, next pass was a double,  next was a triple, followed by another double and just like that we were one shy of our limit.....came across another pod and finished up and C&R'd many more.....epic night for a moon and no wind but we just kept covering ground....56 was good tight to shore with some bait around, speeds were faster at 1.8 to 2.1 with hard turns getting reaction bites. Blk/silver produced while goby patterns remained ok at best. Tight lines.






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