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Another nice morning off Braddocks. 
150 to 200 feet, most hits down 30 to 70. 54 degree surface temp and good color. Ended up 9 for 13 and was off the water at 1130. Greasy chicken wing on the riggers, two face glow on dypsy’s out 225. Nothing huge landed, did drop something interesting on a dypsy. Great morning on the water. 



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Posted (edited)

Was a fun week Rick. Great weather (other than that dreaded east wind), minimal boat or equipment issues and best yet, not a single laker caught all week!  
No lamprey marks on any fish so far this year. 

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Posted (edited)

We did pretty good Saturday, saw a Whaler with a Yamaha assumed it was you. 


Really good action in the morning. We had two nice kings in the boat, yours truly dropped another.  Cohos and small kings kept us going until about 11AM. All in all a nice day fishing. 


We scored them 130' ish, about 35' down seemed to do the trick. Usual mixed bag of Dipsey, lead, stick baits and riggers all produced.


Edited to add: we saw no bait at all where we fished. I'm guessing they're still in the rivers or on the beach so fishing for browns is gonna be tough. 



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