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Cannon DR - Switching to braid

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Question for you guys running braid on the Cannons, specifically the Optimums.  I see tons of suggestions to go with the stainless spool due to the stress of the braid as it dries possibly causing the spool to crack / warp.  Is this a thing of the past and is not an issue any more or do I need to worry about it.  Reason I ask is apparently you cant get the SS replacement spools from anyone as Cannon doesn't supply them anymore from what Ive found.  Thinking of going right on top of the steel cable with the braid but wanted to get some opinions from someone who is familiar with it.  Thanks in advance.

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Go online buy  FISHUSA


Big Jon Downrigger Cable

Item No.: 130629 
Spool Size: 200 ft.
200 Ft. 300 Ft. 
Test: 150 lbs.
150 Lbs.
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Personally I don't like braid, it has load strength but not the abrasion strength, a nick and it could break, were as steel will take lots of abuse.

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i have purchased stuff from 307.  Very good.  I am always amazed at some of the obscure parts they have available.  cheers.

and for what its worth i ran braid on some hand crank riviera's like 20yrs ago and it performed great, but it does gather and gunk up with fleas more than wire. 

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