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for sale : usa Sierra distributor (Mallory) new in box for sale, pluse extra modual for sale

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18-5494-2.jpgasking $250 works in early regular rotation and counter rotation crusaders

Chevrolet most all V-8 includes: 5.0-liter, 5.7-liter, 7.4-Liter, 482, 502, 540 CID (except 348, 409 & Tall Deck Big Block).

  • 18-5494-1
  • YLM624AV
  • 9-26306

Sierra Marine 18-5494-2 Chevy V8 Electronic Ignition Distributor

Price New : $473.99
18-5488.jpgAsking $100

Sierra Marine 18-5488 Module

Price New : $178.99
Call or text Bob Songin
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