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Fair Haven Shakedown

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Got out Sat. night from 4-7:30 for a quick shakedown. Finished 4-7 with three browns and a nice bow. Browns were in the 2-3 pound range and the bow was around 7 pounds. Metallic rainbow jr. thunderstick, glow green evil eye, copper nbk, and a rainbow spro produced fish. Lake blew up quick around 7:20 and we ran for cover.

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Gray....I'm glad you made it in ok...that BEAUTIFUL lake can turn UGLY in a minute ! Good job on finding fish on a short shakedown run.I take it you were in tight , shallow water? BTW,I passed thru the sleepy ,little, but beautiful town of Nicholson, PA. this past thurs.nite,on my way home from mill city...love that viaduct!! Good luck fishin'this year!! choo-choo .

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