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Tuesday Shakedown - Oswego or Mexico?

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Hi Everyone. Planning to finally get back on the big lake tomorrow after a year long hiatus after selling my Lund Rebel. After a 9 month search I was finally able to replace it with another Lund, an Impact.


We've got everything ready to go and are just looking for thoughts on where to launch and any thoughts on a starting point fow.


Really appreciate the help.




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Can't go wrong with either. We went out of Mexico 2 weeks ago. Trolled to the plant and back and limited on cookie cutter browns in 20-40 fow, all spoons, anything green. This past Saturday launched out of Oswego, trolled towards the plant 70-90 fow, 3 browns and 2 small kings. Browns on spoons and the 2 kings on flasher/fly set up. Fished the marks and adjusted riggers and dipseys to the depths we were marking fish. Two of the browns came on a 10 color flatlined behind the boat with a spoon. Again, anything green. Good luck!

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Marked tons of fish from Mexico to the high rocks on Saturday, only caught 2 browns and one jack king in 4 hours, they were there just wasn't my day, week before did much better

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