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Ontario gold again


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I know, I know....... I said my last trip was the final for the season,  but for the few of us that chase the night bite for walleye, you know that the sight of a bent rod with a glow tip and a ripping drag is one addiction that is hard to suppress. With that said,  I found myself out and about again lastnight. Water warmed up to low 60's in tight and bait is showing up.......started the evening with a few browns, bass, and a bowfin......that was a first for me......wind picked up as evening went on and the bite exploded with a mixed bag of browns and eyes. Amazing with bait present that the bite was so aggressive. Speed ranged between .08-1.5 again with wind adjusting the shore currents. Blk/silver was the star of show again as fish were spitting up alewife in the live well. Had to use the trolling motor to keep the bow tight to shore as the south wind was pushing me out. East wind should cool water a bit and extend it I hope, till the tight lines, and be safe.










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That’s great!  The ripping drag I’m assuming was the Brown and the Bowfin lol!  Great trip, great pics!

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Ha ha ha , yes whaler, I keep the drags light, the eyes give a couple rips on the head shakes but the browns and bowfin are definitely more aggressive that’s for sure.

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