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Memorial mixed bag

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Great weekend. Left the fields and got to camp Saturday when the weather broke. Got my last dock sections in to give room for my buddies new boat, the " chuck Wheaton walleye chaser" out of western NY. He bought this 86 islander off chucks family and although he didn't know the man, we both saw how meticulous he was with this boat and what a fisherman he must have been. We splashed down for tribute.....took some time to figure things out but we made a good Saturday evening and Sunday out of it. Boat ran perfectly and was an honor to fish aboard a boat that was such a big part of one mans life. Fish still tight, and I threw it all at them in a 6 rod spread. Adjusted copper and cores and kept the riggers shallow. Caught a mixed bag of both cold water and warm water species.....greatest suprise was all the post spawn big perch that were eating sticks and spoons. Bait starting to set up. Adjusted speed from 2-2.5. Monday my sister joined me, and with her new license, she wanted to fish.....again mixed bag, she manged the copper and cores well and didn't lose any, I'm sure her arm feels it today, especially after a hard fighting bow took multiple runs.  Many rec boats made it a bit tough, but a great day with family none the less. Greens and blues did well this weekend, circling got the few silvers we landed, not fast or furious but lots of fun on a weekend of remembrance and tribute. Tight lines.












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That is the ultimate mixed bag!!  What is considered an Owasco Slam?!

We had a nice Sunday morning on Cayuga and like you the fish were in skinny among some huge bait pods.   Water temps on top stayed about 57 degrees.   Our mixed bag only consisted of Lakers, 1 Brown, and 1 Landlock even though at times we were weaving around the perch flotilla.  Oh, we also managed to bring in 3 alewives latched onto spoons. Beautiful days to kick off the Summer fishing season

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Reel Doc, sounds like we had similar days, water temp similar, we did catch a small stocked brown, shoulda got a picture, but got it back in the water as quick as I could. Snagged some bait as well. Hit pockets of active fish and then nada for a bit.reduced my spread and started circling like summer patterns I run and started hitting a few more. Couple of great days the weather cooperated for sure.

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