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Big Joe's Derby Report

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Quickie report from the Derby…
Fished Saturday from 5:15 AM until 6:15 PM and managed one nice laker and a small salmon.  I started out jigging for a while but couldn't get anything going.  Boat traffic didn't look too bad so I set out 3 rods and trolled to the north end in that mess.  The north end looked pretty busy and a lot of guys were fishing pretty close to shore so I went out in the deep water and jigged up this 7.44 pounder in 138 feet of water.  I made the leaderboard for an hour or two and then the 8 pounders came in and I got bumped off.  It was a nice, healthy, pretty fish with just one old lamprey scar.
I didn't get out until 11 AM on Sunday due to the wind but I caught a sub-legal salmon and a rainbow trolling.  Wind was blowing again Monday morning so I packed up and headed south.
Great weekend though---the conditions were challenging and any day on the water is a great day and it's always fun to BS with the guys back at the marina.  I met Lily Friday night as he was carving up his winner. :rock:
Follow the waves!



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