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Have not fished the Oak since May of 2021 and discovered NEW and very NICE ramps at the public launch next to Black North Inn.  Launched at 5:30am. Fished 85fow out to 200fow for the first few hours.  There was a pretty stiff wind out of the SW.  About 9am the water calmed down nicely and we moved out into deeper water.  Our best water was 250’ out to 350’.  Down 65’ water temp was 49 deg. Caught 3 small kings, a decent coho (all down 65’) and had a great (short lived) battle with a steelhead that hit a jointed Rapala off the lead core.

Ha!  How about this!  While trolling at 2mph we ran over a submerged log.  The log knocked my transducer out of position slightly.  Instantly I could see all 4 Downrigger lines on my Lowrance as clear as a bell!  Previously I could only see the lines sporadically.  I’m leaving the transducer in it’s new position!


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