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Fished out of the Salmon River this past weekend, stayed in one of the cottages at the Salmon River Lighthouse Marina.


Went 3/4 on Browns, and dragged 3 small Kings for who knows how long before realizing they were hooked up.


This is my first year fishing Lake Ontario, looking for all of the pointers I can get!


Tried finding the salmon, went about 6 miles offshore, but we didnt have any luck. I'm guessing I needed to go out farther, but I'm still building some confidence with fishing such a big lake in a relatively small boat.


Here's a picture of myself (right) and my brother with our last fish of the weekend. 








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Good for you!  Lots of people here that are happy to help.  Won’t be long and you’ll have a king almost spool you. I’m looking forward to the pic and story. 

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