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for sale : usa Looking for older style Tekotas.

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So I can take the other side off if you want me to but these were maintained yearly (meaning the guts were taken out and oiled religiously every year)



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1 500 2 color SWR  $150 plus shipping includes original shimano box

1 600 2 color SWR $175 plus shipping  includes original shimano box

9 ea 500LC  $230 ea plus shipping 3 sold

1 700 $200 plus shipping - sold


located in Andover, MN  all very clean used, very good to excellent

paypal or venmo accepted 

I will be happy to provide pictures for serious inquires

Please PM me here or direct at [email protected]


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After this auction ends I’ll be placing two more on  and a few more items since I got my fist bid today.


I should actually be thanking troubles. I was selling these 125 each with rods here till he hoped I got ripped off.


thanks again my man!

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