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I did, about 20 years ago. It's been so long that I forgot all the particulars, but I remember that I tried two different models of them and I wasn't happy with either of them and I went back to my 13 lb. Slim Darters. They may still be lying around somewhere in my attic, if you're interested in them I'll look and see if I can find them. If I can, you pay for shipping from NJ and I'll send them to you. No promises that I'll find them though.



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12 hours ago, websterwilli said:

 I have a pair of the Z-wings. My observation, they work well in setting depths 50' or less. Below that setting, they put too much torque on my Scotty's.  In the spring, and late summer, they are quite effective.


I've got the 250 model and it pulls pretty hard.   My walker downriggers will handle it, but they didn't seem very happy to do so.   As a result it mostly collects dust and serves as a spare for me at this point.   I like the fish shaped weights the most myself.

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