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Had a great day out of Sandy Creek. Water was all screwed up after the blow. Thermocline was 110 feet down when we started at 5:30 and 70 feet down at 11:00, strong current also. Never marked any bait but the most productive water for us was between 300 and 400 fow. Moonshine RV mags on the riggers and green bam flashers with UV 2 face flies out 200 to 250 on the divers did the damage for us. Ended up with 9 kings, mostly 2 year olds, and a 3 year old, and a steelhead and coho.

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Fished the evening with my wife and daughter out of sandy started 170fow in front of Hamlin beach fished out to 220. Lots of bait in 170 but no takers. 1st rainbow came 70 over 200. Black silver purple spoon. 2nd rainbow was on a dipsey #2 setting out 175. Black and raspberry over 215 fow. Had to call it quits early for my daughter and had a 15” king take a carbon 14 while I was starting to clear lines in 220fow.  More bait in 170 but more action in 200-220. 



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