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Fishing out of Sodus

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Hey guys, I’m considering on fishing out of sodus this year instead of Oswego just to switch things up. I live about 3 1/2hrs from both ports, so I figured I why not. Where are you guys launching/docking from?  I usually come for 3 days at a time or so, and like to keep the boat docked for those days just to keep it easy. Also if anyone has recommendations on places to stay, and places that dry dock that would be awesome. If there is a marina that does all of the above, that would be Ideal but I don’t mind moving around a little.  Lastly for the guys that have fished both Sodus and Oswego am I making a mistake by moving?? I always appreciate the help and knowledge from this group.  Thank you. Tight lines 


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I've fished out of both and for the last few years have kept a slip in both ports - Oswego has better facilities in general in my opinion (bathrooms, launch facilities, docks, fish cleaning stations).  Also Oswego is a bigger town so if you need 'something' you can probably get it.  Walmart, Auto Parts stores, Harbor Freight, and many more options for food and drink. As far as fishing goes it all depends - sometime Sodus fishes hotter and sometime the hot bite is farther east - speaking in generalities - the later in the season you go the more likely the better fishing will be farther to the east as kings migrate towards the east end (assuming you are talking about fishing for kings).  


Closer proximity to tackle stores in Oswego than Sodus as well.


Sodus gets the nod for traffic and pressure though - far less boats on any given day than the east end - trolling offshore almost never have much traffic to deal with in Sodus.  


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That's the weekend of the pro am there will be a lot of trollers out for the weekend still plenty of room to fish, the channel just gets a little crowded at the start time

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