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Line size for fleas

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28 minutes ago, Frogger said:

Go to 40lb. 30lb wasn’t enough yesterday. 


I had 40lb. Big Game mono on the riggers yesterday out of Sodus and still collected fleas, but they came of easily (I could not "flick" them off though, I had to pull them off with a sliding motion).  If I had fleas on the rigger lines in the past, I could just "flick" them off.

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Ive had little trouble using 40 big game. I think its the hook flea the makes the problem. They usually accumulate in small clumps ,

best bet is maybe use wire line on riggers .

I'm going to mooching soon saves a lot of gas, more fish.



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I haven't tried it because my setup works good enough but I'll bet spraying your line with reel magic would help. I use it for light line spinning reel casting to reduce line memory and increase distance.   Its the slickness that you are looking for to keep the little bastards off.  That is in part what the old flea flicker (and Blood run) lines had going for them along with overall diameter.  

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