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Cayuga Lake

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Spent the last week on Cayuga for the yearly family vacation and enjoyed taking my wife, son, daughter, nephew and niece all out fishing and letting them bring the fish into the boat. We fished mainly from Dean's Cove to Sheldrake. Weeds were basically a non issue, but the fleas were a nuisance. Toward the end of the week with some cooler weather the fleas seemed to taper back a bit. 55 degree water was down 50-60' pretty much all week. 4 color lead core with a white back wonder bread spoon took rainbows almost every day. Watermelon cowbells with a watermelon spin n glow as well as a mt dew spin doctor with a chartreuse spin n glow took Lakers. Had a laker take a rapala minnow 30' down on a rigger as well. We caught fish in water from 60' to 250'. Due to having a number of different passengers we never really spent over 3 hours on the water but always caught fish. It did seem a little slow to me, but the fish also seemed more scattered than previous years. 33932.jpg33917.jpg33971%20(1).jpgIMG_20220705_063050508.jpg33919~2.jpg


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