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Been a couple of years since I have been out on Ontario and taking my 8 year old with me this time.  Any tips on where to start (targeting salmon, steelhead or even lakers just to get some action)?


I'll update here after the trip tomorrow

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I’m heading out a little east of you but not much. Hard to say what the wind blew in temp wise. 
Im setting in 100, finding 50 ish down and working north west. See what I come across. 

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I was hitting lakers 90ft the running bottle with cowbells and gambler rigs limited out with my buddy and his father I took out for first time last Sunday . I was out Wends and Friday and hit salmon between 135 to 180 was best 50 to 70 down. If that helps at all. 

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Mission accomplished, if this is the only one we boat it was worth it.


Frogger flasher with frogger mc rocket meat.  25 down over 100.  Special thanks to double-d for the tips today!


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Now that is a keeper!!  

Picture and fish!!!
Love the fish hug!!

These are the moments!


I have a pic of my daughter from a long time ago like that!!  10+ years later and she still comes salmon fishing with me!




To those the share tips and tactics you make these moments possible!!

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Ended up 4/5.  Lost a pretty good size one on a spoon and picked up another few small salmon on flasher / fly.  Most of the action was very high up as it was icy down only 25 feet in most places


I really appreciate all the tips from everyone.  Best part of the day was my son asking to go fishing again!  Now that's a successful trip

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Fished from 4-830 from sandy west to Hamlin beach 

6 knock offs 

finished 4/4 when hooked up

all black and purple spoons

3 kings-

18#  60 over 200

6# dispey #2 out 130 over 200

6# king 20 over 100

1 small Atlantic 20 over 200


will be out tomorrow evening also


if I was going out in the AM I would start at 100 fow. Temp was 42 down 50 over 100


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