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for sale : usa Big Jon Downriggers for sale

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2 Big Jon downriggers.
1 Big Jon Speedrigger with a 5’6” boom and 1 Gold Captains pack downrigger.

They both include the downrigger weight holders.
The speedrigger is exactly what the name implies…very fast retrieve rate and can handle a 17lb downrigger weight with ease. The boom can be easily shortened to lesser lengths if desired. 
The captains pack is 450.00 with the rod holders or 350 without.
The Speedrigger is 600.00 with the rod holders or 500 without. I’ve seen these go used for 800.00
I have only 1 set of BigJon rod dual holders to go with 1 of the downriggers, ther other one will come with the dual rod holder, although one of the rod holder tubes I’d missing. I’m sure it, available from Big Jon or found used. 
Both are in good cosmetic and working condition. 
I live in Pa and will be in the Buffalo area (Wilson harbor) for the next 5 days July 11th-15th. So if your interested don’t hesitate because these will surley sell quickly at these prices. 
The prices are non negotiable.
Thanks for looking










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