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Winds brought in a lot of warm water.  Temps inside were down 80’ or more.  Rather than fish the bottom of the water column, we worked north.  Hit a small break with a couple fish down 75 at 275’.  Nothing coming back through so worked north until 400’ and hit another small pod.  Keep north until 510’ and start finding some fish.  Picked away from 29n to 31n with a few kings and steel.  Maybe 15/18 or so came to the boat today.  Some nice steel to about 10 lbs and a few kings to 20 lbs.  Usual mix of some small kings as well. 7 steel and rest kings…. Bam w/ bam fly took best king.  No particular pattern other than deep temps and fish for us.


Afternoon troll in looked like cold water moving towards shore and temps coming up.  Temps better in 275’ this afternoon with bait appearing 50-100 down.  Didn’t get any to go but didn’t stay with that long.  Give it a try in the morning.

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I fished tonight it was crazy not even sure how many small kings we got .. but got 4 matures a pile of 6 to 10 pound kings few skips and 4 nice steelhead . 25..5 to 26.6 line was best fish came all over ..1
0.color, riggers from 75 to 50 ..divers 160 and 200. Spoons on riggers and flasher fly on divers ..can't tell you the best spoon ot depth everything went and over and over .lol ..matures came on deepest rigger with spoon and 10 color and diver never had 2 matures on same setup .. but action was fast and crazy ..seems they came in flurries of 2 to 4 bites every time we hit bait .

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