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3.0 mercruiser issue


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On 7/17/2022 at 12:29 PM, Steve-e said:

Privatedata, I drained tank, checked fuel lines to pump, replaced fuel pump filter and installed a water separator all in last 3 weeks. Heath, could be the module, Tom at east fork said the same. Hopefully not. They are NLA, hard to find and mucho expensive, I believe the coil is part of the module. Pump is mechanical.

I had same type of problem one time and it was the screen in the pick up tube in the gas tank getting **** in it when quite the **** fell to bottom allowing it to start and run untill it got cloged i took screen out put in inline filter run perfect after that

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A lot of posts have pointed to carb and or pump. I'm dropping the carb off today for rebuild and replacing the pump which could possibly be the original over 21 yrs old. Last things it could be short of being an electronic issue. Thanks for all the input , hopefully we're done here!!! 

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