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Bay Manufacturing Outboard Extensions


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I recently purchased 2 of their 901 kits to extend the shafts on my twin Suzuki 9.9s. At first things seemed to go well. I received the kits and went about installing them. After opening the 2ng kit I noticed the bolts supplied were the wrong bolts. Too long. I called them and was told no problem, that they would send the proper ones. a couple days later I received the same wrong bolts. I called back and was told they were sorry and would ship the correct bolts. Later that day i received a message that they did not send anything out because they did not know the proper size to send. I have now had these kits for two weeks and cannot use my boat. I called again this morning and spoke with Mike Graziani (manager) and was berated by him and told the bolts shipped were correct and I should use them. Anyway, They agreed to once again sent me more bolts. I am not convinced they know what they are doing and will send the correct bolts. My advice concerning Bay Manufacturing...Stay away and buy something else. 

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