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My wife and I got out after work and got the lines in at about 5:30pm. We set out in 120’ . By 8 we landed 2 kings and lost 2 we had one get into the prop and cut the line 4” from the hook. 3 hits were on meat and one was on a Carbon 14 while trolling our way back in. One was 15 lbs the 2ed was 11.
During that time she killed 170 of those dam biting flies. They were relentless. I see them a lot in Maine while offshore tuna fishing too. I hate any kind of bug dope but I also hate donating a qt of blood while trying to fish. 
mother then that not a bad afternoon. It’s 4:19am and we are heading back out soon until 8:30am then back to work.



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Look's like great trip I use (Joy lemon scent dish soap) mix with water in spray bottle I do spray on my legs smells good and works 

Thighs Lines Buddy 😉🤙🎣

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1 hour ago, Pappy said:

Nice report!

looks like the lake was way calmer than what the wave report predicted, again!

I was down looking the lake over at daylight yesterday morning and I could see whit caps off in the distance. Seems like about 12-1pm the wind let go.

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20 hours ago, Tominatorny said:

Thanks for the report! How did you do in the morning? Also how far down did you find the temperature and fish marks? Thanks!

Yesterday morning we had 2 shakers from 5:15-8:30 when I left for work. Last evening from 4:30-8:30pm we started in 300' and trolled to 550'. We were 2/3. Temp was 62 deg at 60' and 55 deg at 75' 46 deg at 90 if I remember correctly.

I cant get a wire rods to fire. The last three times out its been downriggers only with spin doctor and bait or 8" board with bait. And yes I have tried baits on the wire at times with no action. 

I even put my Fish Hawk TD on the dipsy and set out to 250' to confirm the depth ratio.

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