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6hp tohatsu kicker?


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Hi, is anyone running one of these? Seems you can get an alternator and also remote controls. Just curious on vibration with a single cylinder. Want to put a kicker on a 2022 Lund 1650 XL sport, but think the pro kicker might be too large/heavy. Thank you 

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I had a Lund Rebel XS 1750 and always wanted to put a kicker on it but never did. The 85" beam made the transom seem a bit narrow, but it is probably still doable. I sold that boat and bought a Fishmaster 196 and still want to do a kicker but haven't yet despite having a ton of room on this one.


Instead, on both boats I installed a Mercury Smartcraft tach. with Troll Control. It allows you to adjust your engine RPM's between 550 and something like 1200 in addition to displaying critical engine data from the ECU. You can adjust it in 10 RPM increments.


Depending on your type of fishing and if you don't need a tiller kicker, maybe this is an option? Cost was around 400-500 bucks for everything if i remember correctly. I am assuming however that you have a Mercury...most Lunds are rigged with them.


The only downside to this is that occasionally it is hard to get down to 1.8-2.0 mph by just controlling the RPM down to 550. Normally not a problem for me as I tend to run 2.5mph or better, but if I want to harass the lakers or chase walleye those speeds are to high. In these cases I just dump in my Amish Outfitter big boards and they slow me down about another mph on there own!


If you are set on a kicker, isn't the 8hp Tohatsu a twin cylinder? 



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