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We had another great week chasing chinooks. On Friday a member here Tim Thomas joined me. I hired Tim to come on my boat back in 2020 to do a educational charter. Some of the best money I have spent. Tim and I have become friends. He even made a trip to Maine last summer in hopes of landing a giant bluefin tuna while fishing with a buddy of mine. They set out the lines for a short period of time and the chase was on. They landed a beautiful giant.

Tim and I left the dock at o-dark 30 a little before 5am. We set out in 470’ trolling north. The rods started firing before we got all of our rods out. Tim is a top notch fisherman that grew up on LO learning from some of the best. I always learn a ton when fishing with him. By 10:30 we boated 11 kings with 6 fish in the 30”+ range 3 were 16-20 lbs. We kept 3 and released the rest.

On Saturday my wife joined me for a morning trip. We left the dock at 5 am and steamed to 550’. We got 5 rods in when one of the wire rods fired with a flasher fly. She reeled in a nice coho. I just got the rod set and had a rigger fire. The rod stayed loaded and the fish burned line out to 1,348’ before I could get the other 5 rods in. After over a hour fight we netted a 25+ lb king that was foul hooked in the dorsal fin. She had a tremendous amount of pressure on this fish for the hook to hold. I am still baffled. By 10 am we boated 4 kings and a coho. We kept 3 kings 26,16,18 lbs.









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