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New Saltist have arrived

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Finally received 2 new Saltist 30 line counter reels and it was worth the wait BBF2EB55-83C4-4A91-A7A0-5CA6A8B02512.thumb.jpeg.48c33816e99a69e46f095c2f829007c5.jpeg602F1F81-A64C-4BF6-9D46-B8FC4B33CDD4.thumb.jpeg.9825fbcaf65bc93277f03047c6cb50e4.jpeg


Spooled them up with 30lb wire, 1000 feet fit fine.  Smooth drags and no line counter digging into my arm.  Handles similar to the old 47”s but much better quality.  Drags are better than my tournament drags.  Gave them a workout today and they did not disappoint me.

This could get expensive 

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