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Had a good day today, caught two walleyes and two bass. I dont experience crazy success but i’ve probably caught around 25-30 walleye this year which is enough to keep me happy. Today both bass were around the same size and one walleye was 24” and the other was just over 29”. So far this year I have had two walleyes over 29 which have been my biggest this year.  





unfortunately, the only proof i have of the 29 incher was a short video showing it’s length on my bump board but I could not figure out how to upload videos so i took small screenshots to show.



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First time this season?  I would suggest you pay CAREFUL attention to where you are.  They have been sucking all the water out of the river for the past couple weeks.  They usually don't really start doing that until September, but they're really drawing it down.  Last two weeks we watched levels go down by at least 4-6" and it's continuing.  Be really careful around shoals.  This is the best time of year to own a prop reconditioning company!

The fish are there.  Just watch your step!

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