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Seneca 8/19

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Fished Seneca for the first time. Was out a couple hours from sampson north to seneca lake camp area from what the map said.  Went 5 for 5. 4 Lakers and one small brown. 3 fish on watermelon spin dr with gambler rig. Other 2 came on a purple clown stinger standard. Tons of bait marks. Lamprey marks on a couple of the lakers. Fun to try another body of water. 




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Second day...Fished same area as yesterday, for about 2 hours again. Went 5 for 6. Small rainbow or LL came off right behind the boat with the rest of the fish being Lakers. All fish were 55-75 down.  My boy got his personal biggest laker around 8 or 9 lbs. Fish were biting watermelon spin dr with gambler rig,  green dolphin and rodfather spoons. Fleas almost nonexistant today. Pic below was big fish of the day. 


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