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Smart Fish Salmon Flasher

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I understand this is like the original spindoc- but it has adjustments that allow to play with the rotational speed, i think? I have never used one, and was wondering if they are worth purchasing?? And exactly how they work. We've had good success with DW spindocs in the past.

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Raider 44,

I have not been on the site for over a week, and I just read your

post tonight.

I have been running smartfish for over three years, and they

are a great addition to any Great Lakes Boat.

Check out the demonstration video's at http://www.legendaryproduct.com

One side of the smartfish has a number 12, and the leading edge of

the larger rudder has a small plastic bump that is the pointer.

Run at 4:00 & 8:00 o'clock for active fish, and 11:30 for inactive

fish in the late morning. Run the smartfish at 2:30 and it will run

just like a Spin Doctor. It is very versatile, as you can change

speeds and direction by the turn of the dial.

The inventor is the Godfather of Great Lakes Fishing, John Emory.

He has to many inventions to count, and I would guess you have

some of his inventions on your boat.

Try them, you will like them.

Good luck

Mike C

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How ya doing Mike, for the younger/greener generation who doesn't know who Mike is, he has been around the great lakes scene since I was a young teen, I worked the back of Mikes boat over 20 years ago.

Good seeing you here, lots of great guys with valuable info frequenting this site

Here is the first 20# King taken out of Oswego in 2009 by Mike over a week ago



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Thanks for the good words Bigred!

Raider44 - Yes, the SmartFish is a great addition to your tackle box. I have a few settings that I have great confidence in. I know Fat Nancy's carries them and my understanding is that Captains Cove is trying to get some on their shelves in the next week or so.

Running off the wire I will set it to the 4 or 8 o'clock setting. If I go to the 8 then I move the swivel over to the opposite side. Running off copper I set it to about 8:45 (almost 9 O'clock). I think that's the largest circle setting, but if not it has produced 3 LOC fish in the last year.

Don't get me wrong.....I don't JUST use SmartFish. However, when I need a white or green paddle that's my paddle of choice. They were SMOKING the 8 O'clock setting this past week.

If you have any questions on how to run it or what colors to buy don't be shy.

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Mike C; thanks for the link and the advice. Thats a nice lookin king.

Yankee; I will not be heading to the oak till the 1st week of August. I will probably buy a white on white smartfish and give it a few trial runs on Erie for some chromers before making it up to the oak. oh and by the way; I noticed your from Rochester. Not sure if you have ever heard of St. John Fisher college, but I have played football against them the past 3 years. My college eligiblity just ran out, so I will be coaching this year. I played at Mount Union College- We played Fisher in the 06 and 07 playoffs, and this past, and upcoming season we play them opening weekend.

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