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Fished from 2:30 - 8:30 PM, 1 rigger, 2 rods Carbon 14 spoons. Shot out to 400 to setup. Dropped the rigger down spaced 15 apart down 75. Water temp at ball 72. Yuck. Dropped ball to 125 temp 52. At 125/425 1st Steelhead. Trolled to 600. Picked up 2nd Steelie 180/550 down temp 42. Trolled into 300 and 200, pretty barren. Went into 130-100 began marking fish 55-100. Set up 80 down out of temp. 3rd Steelhead 80/130. Had 2 big rips 60 and 80 down over 110ish. Fishing alone, circus trying to get other line in and rigger up. Lost both.

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