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I-Bay Area Weekend Report 5/2 & 3

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I apologize for not posting yesterday about Saturday, but family stuff got in the way.

Saturday started off very promising, first pass from Oklahoma Beach to Shipbuilders yielded 2 for 4 (rainbow and a brown 3-4 lbs each). Turned to go back and the armada was around the corner... needless to say, we didn't pull anything else thru the area. Water was gin clear all the way down past Webster when we headed north. Made it out to about 200 and back into 120 before pulling the lines for the day... a very long but nice boat ride after 6:30am. My buddies' 11 year old boy ventured out the first time ever, so he got a taste of things to come!

Sunday we trolled from IBay down to the river on the beach, nothing until the Summerville cove which we worked over for 4 small fish all under 3lbs (atlantic, coho and 2 browns). We then worked the river plume for an hour or so in 30-45' until we headed north. We doubled back a few times in 90' to work some marks, but they disappeared when the North wind started blowing around noon, so we called it a day.

A nice weekend on the water, but a very disappointing start to the derby, I think that the leader board can attest to that as well... Hope for the best next Saturday... it looks like something offshore stands a chance of setting up...

Good luck to everyone during the week.

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Thanks for sharing the report.

On Sunday, we went out fishing from 6 am to 11:30 am. Started off trolling from I bay to Webster park and picked up two small cohos - 3# on black J-12 stick baits off the boards. We were fishing in 20' FOW. There were a lot of marks on the fish screen - all small fish - judging from the screen and they appeared as short black lines.

Then we picked up everything and cruised to Genny river and landed juvenille King on black J-12 off the board in 25 FOW. I saw the first big mark on our screen after seeing many small marks. Time ran out and we had to head back by noon.

Saw other boats in deeper water and wondered how did they do.

Best of luck on the LOC.

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At least you caught a few... it was a tough weekend all the way around... I'll be back out Saturday AM... provided a coolant leak on my one engine is fixable.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reports guys - It seemed slow for just about everyone this past weekend. Great job on landing a few!

Best of luck for the rest of the Spring LOC gentlemen,

- Chris

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