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Anyone Ever Hear Of This (Ethanol Additive)


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I've been using Startron since it came out on the market,about two years ago.

I'm knockin on wood now,but I haven't had any issues with fuel problems,since I started using it.

I put ten gallons in my project boat(tank was empty),last october to run and winterize the newly installed I/O.I put Startron in with the fuel at that time.

A week ago,I took the boat out for the first time to run the new kicker,and try out the new prop on the I/O.

Before I did this,I drained the water separating filter,and it was as clean as a whistle,with no water in it,and both engines ran fine.The fuel had sat in it for 6 months.

Startron,has been out for quite a while,and claims to help correct problems that develop with the use of ethanol based gas.Supposedly,it prevents phase separation a stabalizes the fuel.

I have had zero fuel problems with it,however I never had any fuel problems before when I was using PRI-G fuel additive.

I figure that it can't hurt,and with the crappy fuel that is being sold today,some kind of additive is necessary.

Do a search on the Hull truth website for Startron,there's a lot of info on it.

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In Massachusetts,where I live the pumps, "ARE" labeled as such,and clearly state that they contain 10% Ethanol.

I've asked all kinds of guys from New York if the NY pumps have to be labeled,and even if all gas in NY actually has ethanol in it.No one seem to really know.

I usually fill my boat at the fuel dock in the Olcott harbor,as it is only about ten cents more than the local gas stations.There is no sticker on the pump,or the tank,saying that it contains ethanol.Hopefully it doesn't.Maybe that's why I've not had any bad fuel issues.

Anyone know what the deal is with New York and Ethanol.

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I've asked Dawn at the Marina and she said that unless they also don't indicate the ethanol on the documentation she gets from her supplier, the Gas Dock at Olcott is NOT E10. We'll see how long that holds true. I know she doesn't want it as long as she can get real gas.


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New York fuel has had 5% ethanol for years. Now 10% and I just heard this morning an advertisement in the state of Indiana, the farmers organizations out here are pushing the EPA to make all fuel 15%. I have used Lucas fuel treatment for a couple of years now, in the big truck mostly, but have been using it in the Yammy 225 two stroke and Yammy 9.9 four stroke without any problems and it works to remove water and condition poor fuel quality. Starbrite was introduced to me a few weeks ago by a marine engine dealer and he said it is wonderful stuff, especially for the ethanol based gas that gatthers water condensation and settles to the bottom of the tank. Phasing most of the ethanol together with water to the bottom of the tank can only lead to big problems, especially in a two stoke engine. I havn't tried it (Starbrite) yet but it's gotta help I believe.


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