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Sodus Last Trip for 2022

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Headed at to 120 just checking so to speak, good screens for fish, no bait. Several boats working that depth. Out to 160 and set up, not as many fish but some small bait pods. Not a perfect setup with the north wind but headed north into it. 200 feet had more fish, same type of bait pods. So I few north to south trolls 225 to 190 produced three kings, one nice one, one small and one medium.

Fish seemed to be down 85 to 95 in low to mid 50 degree water, no bites when I dropped stuff down in the mid forty water which was  110ish.

No shortage of bait or fish and I think if it was a bit less choppy , i was solo, I could have got a few more.

Best of luck, on to bow hunting prep!

24.2 male, two ugly eel scaresF8E0D2D4-B7E2-4E84-B1A5-DB8F50D3B31E.thumb.jpeg.a84e3a9fd20251e2eeb013b5172c7434.jpeg

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