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Got out saturday a little late, never set up until 9:00. Fish the point east to the green can. Went out to do a little c+r fishing but ended keeping 9 nice browns. We quit at 2:30 ending our day 27 for 32, all browns with about 11-12 of them in the 8-10 pound range. Fish hit everything from brass sutton 44s to the kitchen sink. We didnt put a lure in the water without catching a fish on it, what a great day. This morning on the other fishing was slower but still good. We ended the day aroudn 11:30 due to steering problems, at a total of 7 for 9. 5 small browns, a nice steely, and a huge smally. Saturday we took all our fish just outside of the mud line. Top lures were anything with brass or copper, blue, chartreuse, orange, and black.

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