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Sold / Closed Convectors cv20d with mono on cabelas rod - SOLD

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don't know anything about the rods but those convectors are great long lasting reels. I have a friend that charters out of Geneva Ohio for walleye that used all convector 30's for running wire and they work great for him. I have a few that I got for trolling our local lake. they were great until I stopped trolling at home. but mine are the 20's. Saturday was the first trip out to our lake in yrs. I've had a boat setting around the house ready to use at home but when my younger brother died and so did a big part of me. he was my best friend that I could count on for doing anything with me or for me. most people go through life and never find not 1 person they can really count on.


I had a bad experience with the madga pro reels. the drags sucked. they would work ok then just start loosening up. line then they would get tight. i contacted the company and they told me it was probably the drag washers being dry. then he said they made them very fast to keep up with demand. and it didn't happen often, but the drag washers didn't get oil. but they would start working after the washers were seated in, or i could just go in and lube the washers. then he told me what type of oil to use.


I've had great service with the convectors. i just bought 4 of the Okuma cold water 203 reels for trolling Erie for walleye. 1 reel was Doa but the other 3 were awesome so far. they are very smooth, and the drags worked like you would want them to. i would spend the extra money and get the Okuma or Daiwa sealine lc3b reels. the Shimano Takota and daiwa Lexa i think is what it' s called. both make a great reel, but these are very costly. but if the convector, or the daiwa sealine lc3b reels are not in your budget the daiwa accudepth plus or the Okuma madga pro are your best choice. but i would choose the daiwa accudepth plus over the Okuma madga pro reels.

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