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Wanted Ugly Stik BWD 1101 - 7 foot Rods

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Anyone have any of these rods they would like to sell? They need to be 2 piece.

I use them as downrigger rods for Kings and really like them

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I believe the model number (1101) he is talking about is no longer made. They came out with a new model around 2 years ago. I prefer the older model that dr is looking to buy (I have 7 of them) I wouldn't rate the new model as inexpensive at about 70 dollars per rod.

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On 9/10/2022 at 2:59 PM, drlfc said:

Do you want to sell them MikeyP?

 No drl. I really like them too. Very hard to come by in that size. I have some 9ft models I'd be willing to part with if you're interested. Good for Finger Lake trout and Ontario browns.

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