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Solo rookie trip to big water


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Decided I would give Ontario a try. I normally fish Champlain for silver and lakers but thought what the heck. Of course the wife was worried cause I was going solo but when a lake calls we must answer. Lots of boats on Thursday all in 60 feet. Trolled all morning using regular fair then switched to a honeybee and trolling fly I tied. Bingo. Guess I’ll give it another try when the wind lays down. 




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you couldn't ask for a better day on your first trip. as for going alone i use to fish alone a bunch. i just loved fishing more than most of my friends. I fished the intracoastal by a bridge in ft pierce Fl by myself a few times. then I got older and made a trip by myself. I had dropped anchor and letting the strong currents drift me back along the bridge piling the boat started to bang the piling when I pushed off from it I got to far over and ended up falling in the water. it took everything I had to fight the current and get back to my boat. after reaching the boat a just hung on to the transom and motor for maybe 15 minutes resting until I could pull myself in the boat. when I got home and told the wife she told me that was the end of fishing alone. that was a few yrs. ago and I haven't fished alone again.

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