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Sunday morning we figured we'd stay close to home. We pulled out of Wilson and saw a GREAT picture in 60-80 feet of water. It took an hour for the first rod to fire and it resulted in a small King. He hit the wire out 125 on a 3 setting pulling a Northern King green glow Mag. About 30 minutes later we took a small King on a NK Mullato down 50' on our center rigger. That would be it for a while. We picked up and moved West to some water that was holding fish the day before and picked up 2 more fish. We took a Lake Trout off a SmartFish pulling an A-TOM-MIK Hammer. Our last fish of the day took a Dreamweaver SS Gator fished off our 50 rigger. EVERYONE struggled today. Well, at least the boats I talked with did. Fish are here, but they aren't very active yet. This weekend coming up should change! We will be out Thursday-Sunday.

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