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Looking to repower with 4 stroke


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I have a 2002 Aquasport 225 Explorer with a 200 Yamaha 2-stroke with just under 600 hours. Absolutely nothing wrong with the 2-stroke, but I am looking to re-power with a used 4-stroke this off season, preferably a Yamaha, but would consider a Honda or Suzuki. Boat is rated to 300HP but my preference would be a 250 or 225, might go to 200HP for the right motor. If anyone knows of a motor that might fit the bill I would appreciate a shout. I live in NJ but, if need be, am willing to haul the boat anywhere for the right motor. I am well aware of the exhaust and thermostat corrosion issues that some of the Gen 1 4-stroke Yamahas (2002 to 2006) in that HP range are having so please don't try to hook me up with one of those without a mechanic's inspection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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You may want to check with a dealer or two that specializes in “repowers”

i had a good running 2 stroke a few years ago, Evinrude, stopped at a Honda dealer who advertised repowers. I was very surprised at the discount he gave me on a new Honda and the trade value on the 2 stroke.

Pretty simple really, and it was way less $ than I expected!

I know the Honda is awesome, it’s has the one touch option on the dash to change your trolling speed by .1 MPH, it is very handy deal

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On 9/25/2022 at 6:05 PM, whaler1 said:

I beg to differ. Yamaha 250 four stroke. 

X2. Approaching 3000 hrs on a 2009 250HP and zero problems. Knock on wood!

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