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Finally dumped the boat and was able to get a shakedown in on thurs. After loading the gear and getting the electronics up and running it was time to wet a rod. All things seemed to work fine until I heard a strange noise below deck. Found out later an air pressure canister that apparently pressurizes the water system on board exploded :@ Except for plastic and water all over the place it wasn't that bad. I later bypassed the thing and everything worked fine.

I then managed to do some browns and an atlantic, mostly on 50' copper and 2 color core with various alewife patterns, chicken wing, stinger copper goby. The same pattern seemed to do well most of the weekend. I fished with Jim (double J) and Frank (Home Office) a couple days and had a great time, we managed more than 30 browns over the long weekend, and also dropped a bunch. ;( Most were cookie cutters, a couple decent fish, and a bonus drop back hen steelie. We fished east of the harbor or in the harbor itself. Nice to finally get going :clap: BTW, all fished we released except for one brown, and all of the fish were in great shape, fat and clean, very few lampreys :yes::yes:









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