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FishHawk battery unit wiring issues


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Good Day, 

Has anyone found a better solution to their FishHawk battery wire connector? The connection from the battery pack to the three prong connector on mine just keeps breaking off. I get a few weeks out of it and then repair it. I have replaced the unit once so far, and do not want to keep purchasing a new battery pack every season. The wires are very brittle and do not last. Anyone else having issues? I do unplug the batteries after each use. 


Thanks for the feedback, image.thumb.jpeg.a233e2bd41b89d8176f66fa2032aa5ce.jpeg



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Just carefully remove the batteries and leave the pack assembly connected. I have two boats with Fishhawk units on each. The one is over tens years old and the is going on five years old, never had a problem with either one, knock on wood!! After each use I remove the batteries from the pack and leave the cap off the probe to air out. 

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I bought a new battery craddle from fishhawk for $15  then when i plugged it in I secured the the plug in place with black RTV silicon   been great for about 4 years now


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I don't touch the unit until the LITHIUM batteries i use go dead.


I find these batteries last longer considering you're running your probe in water usually less than 50 deg. down to 32 deg.


My connection broke and I ended up soldering a new spring and little metal plate with the wire attached; when the battery goes in it compresses the spring and hold in tight.

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