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does anyone know of any store or website that has in stock a CVA optims, camo, nitride barrel, traditional stock (not thumbhole)?


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14 hours ago, dremarquis said:

thank you SO MUCH! I had looked at about 15 places and the model i wanted was out of stock everywhere else.


If that doesn't work, try Sportsman's guide.  Docs Tackle in Honeoye carries a nice selection of CVA muzzleloaders too.  

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muzzle-loaders.com has the v-2 nitride on sale for something like 559.00 with the Burris 3x9x40 scope right now. it comes with a soft case, or you can get it with a hard case for 609.00. you might just want to visit cva.com which has them at different prices depending on which one you want. some are out of stock, but they have one with v2 nitride with the 28" barrel for 420.00 with the standard stock and no scope.

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On 11/2/2022 at 11:11 AM, dremarquis said:

Doc's in Honeoye was out of what i wanted. I was able to order what i wanted from muzzleloader.com!



they are a great place for your muzzleloader supplies. you might also think about trying the powerbelt elr bullets. they shoot the best of any bullets that i have shot in my cva accura v2 45 long range and my 50 encore. they are heavy but the long aerodynamics of the elongated bullets make them ideal for hunting deer. i haven't shot a deer yet but they should have plenty of knockdown power to bring a deer down fast.

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