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Headed out on Jax's boat around 8am this morning for some non stop action. Firetiger, black and silver, black and gold seemed to be all we needed. 7-10 FOW doin 2-2.5 SOG. Boated 20 lost 6 or 7. All brownies ranging from 1lb-8lbs.





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We ended up doing a good mix on both flatlines, and inline planers. Just got to keep searchin for the good colored water and temp breaks. We messed around with the lengths behind the boards till we dialed em in.

Definatly a good day on the water with many more to come.

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Nice job Jeeeweeeeeeeeee and Rick :D . Give me a shout Jerweee and we'll get out in the A.M

Now I might have to give it a try on Thursday with my boat and take along the boss and his son. How were the lengths back? All sticks or spoons too?

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