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Iowa “22” late muzzloader

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Hey Boys and Girls ! I figured I’d take you along on a life long dream of chasing the ultimate, in the land of the giants IOWA. I was lucky enough to have a life long friend that holds a lease in Cumberland Iowa , Southern/ western. And was gracious enough to invite myself and my daughter to be a part . So after buying one preference point in 2021 then buying licenses and after lottery in 2022 we drew tags for Buck and doe each . My buddy and I went out august and did tree stand work and shooting lane work , blind repair, on 11 stands and five elevated box blinds and hung a few cameras. I really wanted to get a look at the lay of the land and see just what I would be hunting, WOW . 400 acres of rolling hills and valleys surrounded by pasture and corn and bean some clover as far as the eye can see.. with heavy dense bedding areas in the center of the heavy wooded areas and sections of pine . Mallory and I are planning on heading out Dec 17 season starts the 19-Jan 10 we will hunt until Christmas hopefully we both score . She has to go back to work full time after Christmas, If I don’t score then I’ll probably head back and hunt either till the end or I’m lucky enough to harvest a good buck . Attached a few pics 











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