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Wanted Looking for some Okuma Coldwater reels 203 or 303 size

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those reels may be hard to find as they are good reels. i have the 203 which is great for eyes but would be a little small for salmon. i normally run 3 per side so when i bought mine i bought 4 so i would have a spare loaded up and ready to fish if i lost too much line off one while fishing or something went wrong with a reel. but last month Amazon had a sale on the 203 for 85.00 each so i bought 2 more for spares or if i need to upgrade the Daiwa sealine sg17lc3b reels i use on the other side of my boat. i figured i would never beat 85.00 in my lifetime. good luck on your search, you might want to check on eBay for them.

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just checked amazon and there new 203d is 103.00 but they have what they call used but everything i have bought from them used was brand new with damaged packaging or repacked. but they have 3 for 80.00 each and 1 for 83.00 with free prime shipping. but if you bought all of them together you may get free shipping without prime.


I went back and I have made a small mistake, the 203 only has new for 106.00 it's the 303 that's 103.00 or 80.00 for used reels. but if you get them and you're not happy with them you can always return them. I have tried to return some items but got a full refund and told to just keep my order. I wanted a large number of AAA batteries but ordered AA by mistake and when I wanted to return or exchange them, they gave me a full refund which I used to get the AAA I wanted and got to keep the aa batteries.

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